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Some things should be kept beneath.

                         — tagline in movie ads

      The bodies of missing girls are turning up "bajo la sal" (under the salt) at a huge salt mine in Mexico in this excellent mystery thriller. The quality of films coming out of Mexico seems to be greatly improved in recent years and this thriller is as good as any of the genre being made by American film-makers and better than most. It is very ably directed, beautifully shot, and interpolates some very interested animation without breaking out of the basic realism of the plot. The story is very good with a solid (if not unfathomable) mystery.

     The characters are three dimensional with back stories that are partly revealed and partly only hinted at, giving the entire production far greater depth than you find in most movies about serial killers. The acting is excellent, especially by Humberto Zurita as Commandante Trujillo and Emilio Guerrero as Jefe Salazar. Ricardo Polanco who plays young Victor Zepeda also gives a really fine performance as a character whose moody and ambiguous behavior leaves you in doubt about his character till nearly the end.

Released 2008

Directed b Mario Muñoz
Written by Mario Muñoz and Angel Pulido
Starring: Humberto Zurita, Emilio Guerrero, Ricardo Polanco, and Irene Azuela