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Gold Fish: A John Austin Adventure

by John Michael McDermott

     The hero of John Michael McDermott's debut novel is John Austin, known to his friends as Auty. He is not an impulsive man. But even so, he decides to abandon a successful and lucrative law practice that's won him notoriety and a reputation for integrity.

     When a big case is on the line, Auty is the suit you want in your corner. And he owes it all to his friend, mentor, and senior partner of his law firm, Ed Fielding. So Auty doesn't think twice about taking a plane from Wisconsin to Florida to break the news to the old man in person. He hopes to find some time to relax in the sun, but there will be no downtime on this trip.

     What terrible secret has Ed Fielding been keeping from Auty all these years? Why is Auty giving up a six million dollar inheritance? Why is he risking his life for a gorgeous flight attendant and a teenage college student he barely knows? And why are there suddenly people trying to kill him?

     Join Auty pursues his dreams, tries to save his friends, and uncovers mysteries in Gold Fish.

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