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To purchase the 1941 version of The Maltese Falcon, starring Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor: 
  (1941) on VHS
(1941) on DVD
The first filming of The Maltese Falcon was a faithful and suspenseful adaptation. Ricardo Cortez is generally forgotten today but he was a star in 1931. While he wasn't as charismatic as Bogart, he gave a good, solid performance as Sam Spade. With Bebe Daniels, Dudley Digges, Otto Matieson, Dwight Frye and Thelma Todd.

  (a.k.a. Dangerous Female) on VHS

The second filmed version of The Maltese Falcon -- Satan Met a Lady (1936) -- featured Warren William as detective "Ted Shane" and Bette Davis as the woman of mystery who draws him into a deadly search for a fabulous jeweled ram's horn. Alison Skipworth played the sinister "Fat Woman."

(1936) on VHS
Humphrey Bogart: Behind The Legend Humphrey Bogart: Behind The Legend

See extensive clips and rare photos of "Bogey," and hear from co-stars, critics and Hollywood insiders in this comprehensive portrait of a silver screen legend.