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Here are some pictures of the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, where I spent my three years as a postdoctoral fellow.
David C. Lewis, MD
David was the founder and Director of the Center. He has long been a leader in addiction studies and in efforts to reform our nation's misdirected drug policies. He was my supervisor during my postdoctoral fellowship and has been a much valued friend and colleague since.
The Center
The Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, where I spent my three years as a postdoc, is located in the Potter Building on the grounds of historic Butler Hospital.
Richard Longabaugh, EdD
Dick directed the postdoctoral training at the Center. His friday seminars were a model of quality postdoctoral training and he a model of an effective teacher. He is also an outstanding researcher and a fine person.
Peter Monti, PhD
While I was at the Center, Peter headed one of the Center's largest research teams. Since  then he has succeeded David Lewis as the second Director of CAAS.
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Roger Mitchell, PhD
Roger is an innovative community psychologist and evaluation specialist who headed the community and policy studies team at the Center. We worked together on a number of projects and became good friends. He now teaches at North Carolina State University.
Robert Swift, MD, PhD
Bob is a brilliant psychiatrist and an all-around nice guy.