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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I taught for eleven years and earned tenure as Professor of Health Education.
Aerial view of the campus center, built around the campus lake and a patch of forest preserved in near wilderness state.  The white ovoid shape to the right is the SIU Arena where my office was located.
Don Beggs, PhD is an outstanding educational psychologist and statistician who was Associate Dean of the College of Education when I came to SIUC and later became Dean. We served on a number of dissertation committees and other committees and I always enjoyed working with him. After my departure, he became President of SIUC and is now the President of Wichita State University in Kansas.
Bob Russell, EdD (on the right), Professor of Health Education at SIUC, was one of my outstanding colleagues there. A deservedly popular teacher he was always a pleasure to work with and always very kind and supportive. A committed Christian, he was also a man very much in love with his wife Lenore, who is another great person. The tale of their early romance would make a fine movie. To his left is Mal Goldsmith,PhD, an SIUC grad, who teaches health education at SIU-Edwardsville.
Bob Gold and I first met at State University College at Brockport, where we team taught drug education and the first course at any college on computers in health education. I later recruited him to come to SIUC. He left Carbondale for Washington and a position in DHHS that included writing the 2000 Health Objectives for the Nation. He is now Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland.
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