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Here are some pictures of Brown University, where I spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow and where I continue to hold a faculty appointment and teach online courses.
The College Hill Campus
The heart of the 140 acre main campus with the skyline of downtown Providence in the background. The stone building near the center that looks like a church is Sayles Hall, where I did some of my teaching. It faces "the Green" of Brown's quadrangle and across the Green from it is University Hall, the first building of the university.
The Van Winkle Gate
Most famous of the gates in the fence around the old campus, the Van Winkle Gate has become a symbol of Brown University. The gate is opened twice each year, once for the freshman class to march in and once for the graduating class to march out.
The Oldest Buildings
From left to right are Hope College, Manning Hall, University Hall, and Slater Hall. Despite its name, Hope College has always been a residence hall. The Greek Revival structure of Manning Hall was built as a memorial to Brown alumni who died in the Civil War and served as Brown's chapel and library. University Hall was the original campus building, built in 1770, and was used as a hospital and barracks by American and French forces during the Revolutionary War and then as a stable by the British when Providence fell into their hands. Slater Hall is a residence hall built in 1879.
Vartan Gregorian, PhD
Vartan was President of Brown when I first arrived there and through most of my time on campus. A charming man, he is a true "gentleman and a scholar."
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