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by Stanley E. Banks

Will we ever let America
Be true to her huddled masses?

Why do we glorify myths,
stereotype the least amongst us,

get outraged only by
some atrocities?

America, is a little starving,
some homelessness,
factions of racism tolerable?

Are we safe among ourselves?
Will a jail on every corner be enough?

Can our pop musicians play
our troubles into oblivion?

Can we be truly free
if a few do away with liberties
they think unnecessary?

Will it matter in the
21 st Century if the
O's in the ozone are massive,

if the planet is a
totally polluted place,

if hazardous waste makes all of us
other kinds of human beings?

Should we count on scientists
producing enough genetically
perfect human beings?

Maybe one day our lives
will be fairy tales --

the Brothers Grimm our gods,
and even then can any
of us guarantee that
the bogeyman won't visit.